Our Manufacturing Group in the UK is part of a global network of industry specialists who can be called upon to assist you and your business anywhere in the world.

Our consultants are recruited for their practical manufacturing expertise and technology experience. Whether advising senior management at strategic level or working with supervisors and employees on the factory floor, Our consultants are pragmatic, adaptable, innovative and enthusiastic in helping you plan and achieve your improvement goals.

In the UK, Europe and the US we undertake research into those issues critical to a manufacturer’s business regardless of the size or the complexity of its organisation. Deloitte Research - Manufacturing Institute, a permanent research facility based in New York, is dedicated to providing ongoing research and insight into the critical global issues facing the manufacturing industry and its business leaders.

Comprising both consulting practitioners and dedicated research professionals, the Institute combines industry experience and academic rigor. The scope of the research is defined by the areas most critical to manufacturing executives around the world. The research addresses market forces that are changing the dynamics of business and focuses on leading edge, industry-specific issues and global trends.